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Natasha Rambova’s designs for Camille (1921)

A bonus of the Warner Archive blu-ray of Camille is the celebrated 1921 version directed by by Ray C. Smallwood, a lesbian-lead project (Nazimova starred and produced, June Mathis wrote it, Natasha Rambova designed the production). The sets and costumes, a combination of art nouveau and arts and crafts design, is very striking, as indeed is Nazimova’s startling performance. Valentino plays Armand, completely at ease and clearly already a star:

The opening with the introduction of Valentino and a real star entrance from Nazimova:

Elisabetta Girelli has written an excellent piece on Valentino, which begins with a nuanced analysis of the acting in the opening scene (above).  It can also be accessed here: Girelli_2015_FI_TheSheik_AM

José Arroyo

Fredric March whips some Christians

C.B. De Mille sure knew how to make everything exciting. The Christians in the area sequence at the end of The Sign of the Cross is extraordinarily fetishistic and exciting. This is Fredric March’s introduction in the film, abridged and in gif form: