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Natasha Rambova’s designs for Camille (1921)

A bonus of the Warner Archive blu-ray of Camille is the celebrated 1921 version directed by by Ray C. Smallwood, a lesbian-lead project (Nazimova starred and produced, June Mathis wrote it, Natasha Rambova designed the production). The sets and costumes, a combination of art nouveau and arts and crafts design, is very striking, as indeed is Nazimova’s startling performance. Valentino plays Armand, completely at ease and clearly already a star:

The opening with the introduction of Valentino and a real star entrance from Nazimova:

Elisabetta Girelli has written an excellent piece on Valentino, which begins with a nuanced analysis of the acting in the opening scene (above).  It can also be accessed here: Girelli_2015_FI_TheSheik_AM

José Arroyo