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Ritrovato Lockdown 2020 – Day 5

A discussion of Ritrovatto’s digital offerings on its fifth day. We loved the look of Let Us Live (John Brahm, 1939),  and Paul Leni’s Waxworks/ Das Wachsfigurenkabinet (1924). Mohammed Rezia Asiani’s Chess of the Wind/ Shatranj-e-Baad (1976), is a major discovery, and we find Solo Sunny (1980), directed by Konrad Wolf and Wolfgang Kolhaase, to be a major achievement in tone with an extraordinary central performance by Renate Krößner. Plus all the shorts, including Sarah Maldoror’s Monangambee one of the first African films directed by a woman. . A great day at Ritrovato.

Richard tells me there’s a nice brief article about watching “Chess of the Wind” in dodgy bootleg copies which can be accessed below:


Some of you may be interested in the image capture of the day’s offerings below:



Let us Live:

Chess of the Wind:

Solo Sunny:

José Arroyo