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The Place Without Limits/ El lugar sin limites (Arturo Ripstein, Mexico, 1978)

A film that shocked and delighted with the unexpected; a film that makes one re-think a history of queer representation and 70s cinema. A transnational project in the sense that it’s based on a Chilean novel by José Donoso, with a script on which Manuel Puig (Argentina) collaborated and producedin Mexico. It brings to mind Tennessee Williams and Puig’s own Kiss of the Spider-Woman. It’s a funny tragedy, a critique of machismo featuring one of the most fearless queens in the history of cinema. Every Arturo Ripstein film we’ve seen so far seems the best one yet. We discuss this and much more in the accompanying podcast.


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If after listening to the podcast you want to pursue an interest in the film and on Ripstein you may be interested in Catherine Grant’s excellent essay on the film, which may be accessed for free here: https://reframe.sussex.ac.uk/mediatico/files/2014/01/Becoming-Arturo-Ripstein-GRANT-Mediatico-JANUARY-2014-1.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3c8KlZMblRSAAbe-LC_24UfBJa3DfChhvpnxyKy50BdtJR1-WgJprbrvc

The essay was first published in Spanish at REVISTA IBEROAMERICANA in 2002; published at Mediático in 2014; republished in The Films of Arturo Ripstein
The Sinister Gaze of the World
Ed by Manuel Gutiérrez Silva and Luis Duno Gottberg in 2019):
The Place Without Limits is currently available to view on MUBI,
José Arroyo