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The skill evident in a moment of Brian De Palma’s Blow Out

FI saw  Blow Out again this week, and what I noticed was the skill evident in even the relatively ‘minor’ shots. This is a visual illustration of an instance (It might have been quicker to read and more precise had I written it. But it was quicker to do this way and hopefully the point will be more vividly and accurately illustrated):

José Arroyo

The Accountant (Gavin O’Connor, USA, 2016)

the acountant

Caught up on The Accountant, which I missed at the cinema and found great fun though not quite good. There’s something slightly sordid and underhanded about tying the support of people with autism to wanton destruction. Ben Affleck is very good as the accountant/killer who can’t express any emotion; one only gets to know how he feels about people by seeing whether he helps them pay less tax or shooting them some bullets, usually two, one in the head to make sure they’re properly offed. Jon Berthal is Afflec’s opposite: expressive, graceful in movement, sexy.  Just as deadly, a lot more expressive with it. I wonder if his performance here led to The Punisher? Anna Kendrick, J.K Simmons and John Lithgow are also in it, the latter excellent as a vainglorious philanthropist billionaire who gets the finale he deserves.

José Arroyo