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Thinking Aloud About Film: Hippodrome Silent Film Festival 2023 Bo’Ness

Intrepid investigative journalist Richard Layne returns to the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival to report on the films and the glamour of Silent Cinema in Bo’Ness, a model of what place and event can do together: a site of scholarship, restoration, fandom and even the commission of aspects of production, bringing together a cultural intersection of the local and the international. An unmissable event that I unfortunately had to miss but,  luckily for us, Richard was there and leaves no stone unturned.

The podcast may be listened to here:

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The Hippfest programme notes giving background on the films from this and previous years may be accessed here:


The performance of the “In Spring” score may be seen here:


Our own previous podcast on the festival may be accessed here:


Thinking Aloud About Film with Pamela Hutchinson on Hippfest



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