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High Heels gifs

I’ve tried making gifs of Victoria Abril, and can’t quite, at least successful ones. She’s such a transparent and emotive actress that every move in her face counts, speeding her up diminishes what she has to offer, and she can’t be camped up, or at least I can’t, which in a paradoxical way is a measure of her greatness. The gif, rather than bringing something else out, diminishes what she herself creates. A thought.

When Javier was hubba hubba (in a small bit for High Heels, as Victoria Abril announces she’s killed her husband)

When a gif doesn’t quite work as well as the original

The rhymes in the sound being just as important as the repetition in image, if not more so.

José Arroyo


Rocky III gifs

Boxing might be mistaken for disco dancing:


Sly, full 80s, as if styled by Olivia Newton-John ,in full-on Let’s Get Physical gear, also from Rocky III

 I made the disco comments because the whole thing is so much about the celebration of the built up body, about power too, but mainly about looks. This is boxing under a glitter ball with the main celebration being the body built body rather than the fight.


More Burt Joy from The Crimson Pirate

More Burt joy from The Crimson Pirate. The gif above is at normal speed, to highlight the appreciation of Lancaster’s athleticism. The one below is at double the speed, which renders it more comic and also keeps the size down, which makes it easier for uploading and sharing.


José Arroyo

On gifs

I´ve been making a lot of gifs recently. And some friends have been taking the piss. However, it´s a fascinating form with many uses. I´d like to draw you attention to this great video essay by Leigh Singer (below), partly because several of my gifs feature from about 4’47 — so two fingers to those who´ve been sneering —  partly because it is a truly  illuminating exploration of the form that itself plays with form (the trailing voice-over) and made me want to try different things with it:



José Arroyo