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Men in Movement, V Masculinities and Feasible Futures

Current times demand that we focus on the present and rethink about the future and its conditions of feasibility. When we started designing this fifth edition of “Men in Movement”, we wanted to address the challenges posed by the connection between men and masculinities and current issues such as nationalism, the environment, bodies and sexualities and decolonisation. We had no idea, then, that a global pandemics would make thinking about our futures even more urgent.

This fifth edition of the international conference Men in Movement took place  Barcelona from September 29th to October 1st, 2021, with the title “MIM V: Masculinities and Feasible Futures”. This title opens the room for scholarly and socially engaged dialogues concerned with the feasibility of the society in which we currently live and the kind of futures that it prefigures.

Below you’ll find some leading scholars and thinkers discussing their work and their various perspectives on the subject:

The panel can be seen here (fast forward to five minutes in):


José Arroyo