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A quick note on End of the Century (Lucio Castro, 2019)


If you liked Andrew Haigh’s Weekend (2011),  you might want to give End of the Century/ Fin de sieglo  a go. Ocho (Juan Barberini) and Javi (Ramón Pujol) meet in Barcelona. Ocho’s Argentinian, living in Madrid and has just ended a twenty year relationship. Javi is a native of Barcelona but is now living with a husband and child in Berlin. They cruise each other, have wild sex and meet again the next day to wonder around the city. As they chat, they remember they met and mated twenty years before in the same city. A slow-paced absorbing film, sexy and romantic, wistful and sad. There are about 12 minutes with no dialogue and it is not missed. The last section, a what might have been, is particularly affecting. I think it better than Weekend and highly recommend. It’s on BFI and on Vimeo through Peccadillo pictures.

José Arroyo