In Conversation with Richard Dyer on Judy Garland

I wanted to talk to someone about Judy Garland as soon as I saw the BFI program celebrating the 100th anniversary of her birth, ‘Judy Garland: A Star is Reborn’. And who better to talk with about Judy  than Richard Dyer? The conversation is an informal one, a recorded zoom call between friends, that then cuts off at the end as soon as the 45 minute zoom time-limit ends. But it does cover a lot of ground: her artistry, her persona, her significance to gay men, her performances in various films, her duet with Barbra Streisand…and much more. The video may be seen below:

Those of you who prefer to listen rather than look, can hear the conversation in podcast form here:

The podcast can also be listened to on Spotify here:

and on itunes here:

It may also be seen on youtube here:

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  1. My name is Miguel, I was a phd student of film studies in Coimbra and i love Richard Dyer book. I have an article in a journal about Judy as a gay icon. best wishes

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