A Note on Raising Dion

I’ve enjoyed Raising Dion much more than I expected. The show’s twist on superhero conventions is that the super-hero is a toddler, that the focus is on what problems this presents to his Mom and how she educates him, and that it’s about a black family, so an education on the use of power goes alongside an education on structural racism in America. It’s set in Atlanta. Dion ends up in a mainly white school. His aunt is a lesbian. Dion’s best friend, Esperanza, has brittle bone disease and needs a wheelchair. The villain is an incel. It doesn’t all quite come together but I liked the tone of the piece, the performers, the inclusivity. Michael B. Jordan appears in various cameos as Dion’s Dad and it’s good to see him lending his support to such a project. I plan on seeing the second season.

José Arroyo

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