Thinking Aloud About Cinema: The Youssef Chahine Podcast:4 Shorts by Chahine

Forty-seven  years after he first went to Cannes expecting to win something, Chahine was finally awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. It was handed to him by a luminous Isabelle Adjani, who praised him for his humanity, tolerance, courage and clemency. That plus his intelligence, tact and his politics shine through in the shorts we discuss in this podcast:

Lumiére & Co (1995)

Lumiére sur le massacre (TV series, 1997)

Chacun son cinema/ ‘47 ans après’, 2007

September 11th/ ‘Egypt’, 2002)

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Some of the films are easily available to see on youtube and/ or vimeo and we include the links below:

Chacun son cinéma:

Lumière and Company:

Lumiéres sur un massacre:


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