On The Rocketeer and The Mark of Zorro — Not Just For Kids podcast

I’m delighted to have been invited to the Not Just for Kids Podcast to discuss The Rocketeer and The Mark of Zorro:

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Aug 25, 2021

“He probably wears the mask to hide his bald head and unsightly features.”

For those who cherish Disney, worship at the altar of Spielberg, love nothing more than immersing themselves into the world of Aardman, let us introduce you to Not Just For Kids. This is the podcast that revisits the films we cherished growing up, be they family films or something we maybe shouldn’t have been watching. Host Russell Bailey continues our four series as we wallow in the 90s.

The film academic and co-host of Eavesdropping at the Movie, Jose Arroyo joins to wallow in the nostalgia of The Rocketeer and The Mask of Zorro

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