Hou Hsiao-hsien 22: Contexts 12 – Our Time, Our Story (Hsiao Chu-chen, 2002)

A discussion of OUR TIME, OUR STORY, a more traditional documentary than FLOWERS OF TAIPEI but all the better for it. A film that offers various kinds of contexts (production, distribution, exhibition, reception),  historicises well, finds extraordinary archival footage, interviews many of the leading people involved in Taiwan’s New Cinema and really enhances our knowledge of the period, the movement, and the films themselves. The film boasts many clips often in a lamentably degraded state but one that really make us appreciate the value of the new restorations . The video may be listened to below:


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The clip Richard refers to may be seen below:

Listeners may also be interested in the screen -grabs below:


The film comes as an extra on the Criterion edition of Edward Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day and is worth the price of the blu-ray on its own.

José Arroyo

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