Kirk Douglas models 80s fashions in Tough Guys

In 1986 Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas headlined a reunion in one of those big studio bombastic action vehicles of the period, with gags and fights and chase sequences and musical montages designed for MTV rotation like this one. Kirk Douglas modelling someone’s idea of 80s fashions is a sight to see. It’s exaggerated of course, and it’s there as a comic interlude to show generational dislocation…but one does remember seeing some of those outfits on MTV.


2 thoughts on “Kirk Douglas models 80s fashions in Tough Guys

    1. He looks terrific. The film starts with him curling iron and he is incredibly fit and showing off about it like he was 25. It’s funny — he’s so vain to be showing off his body at 70 — and somehow also life-affirming.

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