6 thoughts on “A great shot from John Frankenheimer´s The Train

      1. Really reflects an era where movie stars really were remarkable people; Lancaster had real athleticism, and intelligence, and his presence draws you into any film.

      2. He´s beautiful to look at, and by that I don´t just mean his looks, nor his great athletic feats, but merely his grace in movement. He energises everything in the frame.

      3. Was just having a look at your review of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, just because I felt that Pitt’s performance there was one of the few instances where I really felt that we saw real star quality in a modern film. Comparisons are odious, I know, but there’s only a few great screen presences, who really command the screen. Lancaster was the real deal for sure…enjoying the GIFS and memes!

      4. Lovely, thank you. And completely agree about Pitt in Once Upon a Time. He´s deployed for that star quality by Tarantino, and Pitt can sure turn it on for an audience. He´s wonderful to watch in that.

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