Death of a Salesman at the Picadilly Theatre, London, 28th of November



Gosh, gee wizz, golly, wow: Wendell Pierce is terrific in Death of a Salesman. And making the Loman family black in this production certain adds dimensions to the ‘attention must be paid’ and ´smile and a shoeshine´parts of the play, as well as the mistresses on the road, and indeed all the relations between fathers and sons. A musical production too, with jazz and funk often providing a beat to the spoken dialogue. Pierce´s customary charm and likability makes the tragic aspects even more resonant. This time, the ceiling did not fall down at the Piccadilly Theatre but the production sure raised the roof: an explosive standing ovation last night, not normal in London, particularly outside tourist season, and even for tv stars.


José Arroyo

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