‘Climax’ (2018) Review by Joe Humfrey

Depth of Field

Climax is not a film you watch. It’s a film you experience.

Gaspar Noe’s films usually achieve glittering condemnation: ‘disgusting’, ‘gratuitous’ and ‘repellent’ are just some of the common adjectives audiences and critics have found most applicable to his filmography. However, early responses suggest Climax has managed to sway viewers into a new-found appreciation for the divisive director.

So, why the new-found approval? Don’t be fooled into thinking that Climax is a tame imitation of his former efforts, if anything, it’s quite the opposite. What has perhaps been influential in this being Noe’s best received film since I Stand Alone is his willingness to indulge in the style that has so often repulsed audiences. His depraved violence amidst daring neon colours, pulsating electronic soundtracks and indulgent camera-work no longer acts as a side piece but the main attraction itself. It’s perhaps the lack of narrative that lends itself to the…

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