The Panama Paradise sequence from ‘La Diosa arrodillada’

Dear Mexico, you have such great cinema. Why keep it a secret? Please sub-title your great films of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and let the whole world know it. The clip above is part of the great Panama Paradise sequence in La Diosa arrodillada. The songs are by Augustín Lara, Félix’s husband then and one of the great songwriters of the Spanish-speaking world: ‘ser soltera es lo que yo prefiero; para mi, para ti, para usted es mejor olvidarse del amor‘. Like my friend Ginette said of Brigitte Bardot, María Felix ‘chante comme une casserole’, ma qua importa. She’s great. Arturo de Cordova is the man with the empty bottle who she’s causing to suffer.

José Arroyo

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