Favourite Films July 23, 2016

New FB game doing the rounds. An FB friend asks you to list your X favourite films. Kevin Stenson gave me 21 and I wrote the first ones that came to mind, in order, without reflecting. It will almost certainly change tomorrow. I nonetheless thought it worth sharing.

1. Law of Desire
2. A tout prendre
3. Tokyo Story
4. Rocco and His Brothers
5. Spirit of the Beehive
6. Some Like It Hot
7. Vagabond
8. Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
9. La Verité
10. Written on the Wind
11. Aliens
12. Meet Me in St. Louis
13. Swing Time
14. A Star is Born (Cukor version)
15. Dog Day Afternoon
16. Foul Play
17. North by Northwest
18. Big Deal on Madonna Street
19. Bringing Up Baby
20. Pixote
21. Los Olvidados


José Arroyo

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