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Agnelli: Italy’s Playboy Titan (Nick Hooker, 2017)


A terrific documentary, currently playing on Sky, about Gianni Agnelli, head of Fiat. Of obvious appeal to those of you interested in post-WWII Italian history or football (he owned Juventus). Others might appreciate its insights into Pamela (first Churchill due to her marriage to Winston’s son; then Agnelli’s mistress; later a key light in 1950s Broadway theatre history through her marriage to Leland Hayward; later still a key figure in the US Democratic Party through her marriage to Averrill Harriman; and, after that and on her own gas, US ambassador to Paris in the Clinton Administration.) Those of you interested in seeing why Truman Capote named his coterie of super-rich, elegantly dressed women ‘The Swans’, will also find it of interest. Agnelli was a leading light in the politics, society, sports, culture and art of the last half of the twentieth century and the documentary presents fascinating footage of this intersection. I love all the glamorous early sections but what I found most fascinating is the footage of the Brigate Rosse in the 1970s, the FIAT strikes, and the kidnapping of Aldo Moro.

Marella Agnelli

José Arroyo