‘Far from Heaven’ (2002) Review by Zafran Pengiran

Depth of Field

Todd Haynes’ ‘Far from Heaven’ comes as close
as it can be to channelling the bygone era of Hollywood social melodramas of
Douglas Sirk reworked for today’s audience while revising its themes to become
more relevant now more than ever. As a matter of fact, it actually improves
upon Sirk’s work. It’s the best and boldest 50’s melodrama never made from that
decade from its artistry to its intellect that masterfully explores racial issues,
classism, gender roles and sexual orientation through the lens of 1950’s
America in a single cohesive package.

The film sees the Whitakers in the suburban
small town of Hartford, Connecticut. We follow
Cathy Whitaker (played by Julianne Moore), a mother and loving wife to Frank
(played by Dennis Quaid) in a seemingly perfect all-American family of two.
What could go possibly wrong for Cathy? Well everything. On one night she shockingly
discovers a secret that’s harbouring…

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